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Wrongful Death Claims

Was your loved one killed due to negligence? Watch this video by an experienced Tampa injury lawyer to learn about wrongful death claims.


What is a wrongful death claim?


A wrongful death claim in the state of Florida is a claim that’s brought under a very specific statute. You have two years to make the claim. You need to find a firm that can help you in setting up an estate. The personal representative is the only one who can bring the claim for the wrongful death for all of the statutory survivors.Wrongful Death ClaimsFind an attorney who can also lead that representative through the claim that’s made for all of the statutory survivors, meaning the spouse, children, and in some cases, even parents, depending on the particular claim.

Did you lose a loved one from another’s negligence and have questions about wrongful death claims? Contact a Florida wrongful death attorney at Morgenstern and Herd today for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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