Who Is Liable in an Electrocution Accident?

Electrocution Accident“Who is liable in an electrocution accident?” An electrocution accident — either on a job site or an area with exposed wires — can be fatal. Loss of life due to someone else’s negligence is always an emotionally overwhelming situation. It is critical that the at-fault party is held accountable.

Who Is Liable in an Electrocution Accident? | Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Covered on a Site the Electric Company Marked Safe?

We’ve all seen commercials on TV that warn us that we should not dig in areas that we’re not familiar with. We should contact either a special number or the electrical company to come out and mark the area where the electrical wires are buried. Sometimes individuals will, despite taking that step, be injured while digging in an area that they’ve been told is safe. If that in fact happens, you should contact someone after receiving appropriate medical care. You should keep any information you have about the contact you made, about the individuals that came out, about where the marks were made, what you were told in terms of where was safe to dig and record by photographing, making notes, anything relevant to what you were told a head of time.

Is the Electric Company Liable if I Was in Contact with Overhead Wires?

When people are injured by overhead wires, they are surprised to find out that not all wires that run overhead are adequately insulated.  If you are injured by either direct or indirect contact from overhead electrical wires, you should have that claim investigated promptly by someone competent to investigate such electrical injuries.

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