What Happens If I’m Injured While Docking a Boat?

shutterstock_105696698What Happens If I’m Injured While Docking a Boat?

Oftentimes individuals who suffer electrical injuries and not necessarily at their home but away from their home let’s say on docks that they’re not familiar with and the first thing you should do is obviously ensure that you’re in a safe location, you should notify the owners of that facility, you should take photographs of any equipment even if you don’t have a camera, most of us now have cellphones that you can take photographs, you want to photograph all of the equipment that’s involved, you want to get the names and addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses and if possible you want to secure the equipment that was involved in the injury. If it cannot be secured you need to get any identifying marks on it like model numbers, manufacturers, serial numbers and things of that nature and have the injury investigated promptly by someone that’s qualified to investigate electrical injuries.


This informational blog post was provided by Dennis Morgenstern, an experienced Tampa, Florida Maritime Injury Lawyer.

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