Understanding Slip and Fall Cases

Understanding Slip and Fall Cases

Are you having a hard time understanding slip and fall cases? There are a few things that you need to accomplish right off the bat if you want to ensure you have a successful case. Here is what you need to know.

Understanding Slip and Fall Cases | What Do I Need to Know About My Case?

The first thing to understand is that you’re basically looking to be compensated through the negligent individual’s insurance. They will very likely have liability insurance either under a general liability policy if it’s a store or under a homeowner’s or renter’s policy if it’s a residential place where the fall occurred. The key thing to remember is that there are basically two types of damages. These are what we call economic damages, like medical bills, any wage loss you have, and that’s both in the past and the future. There’s also non-economic damages, which are things like pain and suffering, mental anguish, inconvenience of running back and forth to the doctor, disability or impairment, or loss of the ability to enjoy life’s pleasures.

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Understanding Slip and Fall Cases | What Steps Should I Take?

Slip and fall accidents are one of the more difficult claims that an attorney can prosecute. The reason is that in effect you are saying that there was a dangerous condition that would or should’ve been obvious to the landowner that should’ve been corrected. Unfortunately, the comeback to that point of view is if the defect or the problem was so obvious and so visible, why didn’t the person that was injured see it and avoid it?

Understanding Slip and Fall Cases | Collecting Evidence

If you’re involved in a slip and fall accident, you want to first, if possible, take photographs of the scene of the accident, and that can be done on your cellphone. Take a picture of what caused your fall. You want to find out if there are any witnesses, and if there are, you want to get their names, addresses, and phone numbers. You want to give notice to the store or the property on which you fell. If there is a report that’s done, you want to get a copy of the report. Lastly and probably most importantly, you want to contact an attorney early on because he may need to get an expert involved to look at the information property.

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