Truck Accident Injury Claim

Injured in a trucking accident? You may be able to recover compensation. Watch this video to learn what’s important to know when filing a truck accident injury claim.


Are truck accident claims the same as a car accident?


A commercial accident claim is different from an injury accident claim because of the weight of the commercial vehicle. A commercial vehicle is defined under the federal law as being any vehicle that weighs over 10,000 pounds. Obviously, that type of vehicle can injure you much more easily. If you’ve been injured by a commercial vehicle, you should understand that they’re required to carry at least $750,000 in injury coverage.Truck Accident Injury ClaimBecause you’re dealing with a large amount of coverage, as opposed to a regular car that weighs around 3,500 pounds, you want to contact an injury lawyer who handles commercial crashes, so that they can guide you in seeking the right kind of care and in giving the right information to your insurance company and the adverse insurance company.

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