The Discovery Phase in Florida

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I think there are actually two discovery phases because when you initially retain or see a personal injury lawyer, that lawyer should gather information in order to be well prepared for your claim. At Morgenstern & Herd, after we complete a discovery phase and evaluation when we take your case – we’ll give the insurance company and the defendant an opportunity to resolve the case without filing suit. Once formal suit is filed – and that’s what most people refer to when they talk about the discovery phase of a litigation case – then formal questions are served, and you provide answers. We help you formulate the answers. We provide those to the other side. They can ask us for documents; we ask them for documents. Once that paper discovery is exchanged, then depositions are taken where you’re sworn in as a witness and you provide sworn testimony, and that’s the discovery phase of litigation.

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  • During the discovery phase both sides will gather information about the case
  • Then the claimant will file a formal suit
  • Following this, formal questions will be served and as a group we will come up with the proper answers to these questions

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