Tampa Slip and Fall Lawyers

Is the Store Responsible for all Slip and Fall Injuries?

Tampa Slip and Fall LawyersOften times people under on the misconception that just because they fell in a store, or at a business, the store is automatically responsible for their fall and for their injuries. That is not true.

In order to have a bodily injury claim from a slip and fall incident in Florida, you have to prove some carelessness or negligence on the part of the business.  To have a good slip and fall claim, our Tampa Slip and Fall Lawyers have to prove there was a dangerous condition in the building that the business owner was aware of prior to the incident, or that the business owner should have been aware of.  Once you seek medical attention for your slip and fall injuries, it is very important to promptly contact and retain our experienced Tampa Slip and Fall Lawyers.

Store Surveillance Tapes

Often times after a fall it’s important to contact the store in order to get a copy of any surveillance video or any video that may show that you’ve fallen. That’s why it’s extremely important to contact our Tampa Slip and Fall Lawyers promptly so that any evidences is not spoiled, so the claim or that request can go out very promptly. Often times the store’s surveillance tapes are taped over or that the tapes are not kept for a very long period of time so you should promptly contact our Tampa Slip and Fall Lawyers so that we can send out a spoliation letter and get that store’s surveillance tape which may be very important in pursuing your claim.

If you have been a victim of a Slip and Fall Injury in Florida, contact our experienced Tampa Slip and Fall Lawyers to fight for you!