Tampa Slip and Fall Lawyer Discusses a Slip and Fall from a Wet Floor in a Store

Oftentimes people that come in to our office with slip and fall claims indicate that they have been injured by slipping and falling on liquids. One of the things that’s very important is to prove that the store and its employees had noticed either what we call actual notice or constructive notice. Obviously actual notice would be that they knew that it was there maybe it had been reported to them and they hadn’t yet cleaned it up or maybe they had tried to clean it up and done an inadequate job.  Whatever is spilled on the floor had been there for such a length of time that they knew or should have known that that substance was on the floor. For example if someone has dropped a jar of mayonnaise and the mayonnaise has been on the floor for a period of time such the top of the mayonnaise has dried out but maybe underneath the mayonnaise the part that’s actually touching the floor is still wet, the fact that the top of the mayonnaise is dry may be used to prove that the mayonnaise was on the floor for such a length of time that the store should have known that that mayonnaise was on the floor.

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This video was provided by Dennis Morgenstern, an experienced Tampa Slip and Fall Lawyer.

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