Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Who’s Going to Pay for the Damages in a Car Accident Injury

In the state of Florida, everyone’s required to have property damage coverage. That doesn’t mean that everybody follows the law, however. If you are not at fault for the cause of the collision, often the adverse insurance company, the insurance company of the person who hit you, will accept responsibility and pay for your property damage. If that doesn’t happen or if there’s no coverage on the other side, then your car will have to be repaired out of your coverage. That would be your collision coverage if you have it. Many people aren’t aware that we’re not required to have that kind of coverage. If you don’t have it in the state of Florida, that’s something you need to have in order to protect yourself.

  • If you are hit by a driver and it is his or her fault, the insurance company of that driver will usually accept responsibility
  • If the other driver doesn’t have insurance you will have to repair your car from your insurance coverage

Are you wondering who is going to pay for the damages of your car accident injury?  If so, contact experienced Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer Betsey Herd.

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