Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Discusses a Store Denying Liability for an On-Site Injury

Oftentimes after a slip and fall in let’s say a grocery store the managers of the store will claim they had no knowledge of the substance being on the floor and that’s something that needs to be promptly investigated. Oftentimes we request store surveillance video and we’ll be able to see let’s say an employee walk through the area while drinking out of an open cup and then shortly after you fall in that same area. Then it becomes a question of fact as to whether or not the employee caused the water or whatever it is that’s on the floor that caused you to fall. So, it’s very important that even in situations where store employees or the manager deny they knew something was on the floor that you promptly contact an attorney so that it can be investigated so that the store can be requested to provide their surveillance videos. This oftens provides very valuable information in prosecuting a slip and fall case particularly in grocery stores or department stores.

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This video was provided by Dennis Morgenstern, an experienced Tampa Personal Injury Attorney.

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