Tampa Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains How Long Your Malpractice Case Will Take

One of the first things that people ask is how long their claim will last. Medical malpractice cases are one of the more complicated areas of law in all states but especially in Florida. That’s because we have a pre-suit process whereby the carrier and the medical provider are entitled to evaluate their case before we can ever file suit. In the last 90 days there’s a time period for drafting and filing of the lawsuit, I would say about 9 and half out of 10 cases go into suit and are required to be litigated.  That litigation process takes anywhere from short cases that are more obvious and egregious mistakes may last 2-3 years.  We’ve had cases that have gone as long as 5 and 6 years because of deposing medical experts around the country and both sides has those sets of experts so it can be a very lengthy process.

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This video was provided by Betsey Herd, an experienced Tampa Medical Malpractice Lawyer

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