Tampa Medical Malpractice Lawyer Discusses an Incorrect Diagnosis

Tampa Medical Malpractice Lawyer Discusses an Incorrect Diagnosis

Tampa Medical Malpractice LawyerQuestion:

About 2 Years ago I was having palpitations and was sent to a cardiologist. After stress test ultrasound EKG and Halter Monitor. I was told I had “broken heart syndrome”, and a damaged and enlarged heart. I was put on medication. Went to see Dr about every 4-6 months. Each time Dr did know why I was there and was told I’m to young to be there. I was never exactly what was wrong. I never saw the doctor more than 5-10 minutes. And it was the same thing each time, why are you here, your to young, then I was told continue the medication and I’ll see you in 6 months. I was never given a by other test no blood work ever. After the 4th visit I was fed up and found a new doctor. On the first visit the doctor went over my records from the 1st Dr. And basically told he sees nothing wrong, no proof of a enlarged heart. So he did a EKG and sent me for a cardiac MRI. He got the results and my heart was not enlarged. But he didn’t want take me off the medication (that I never needed)because doing so could cause heart attack or heart damage. So I’m still on the medication and see the new Dr. Forgot, after my stress test my palpitations stopped.

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You have not indicated several facts such as your age, medical history and family history that should be considered in fully evaluating your claim.  However, generally it is my suspicion as an experienced Tampa Medical Malpractice Lawyer that we would spend more in payments to expert cardiology witnesses than we could recover to bring a claim on your behalf.  Since all the civil system, by way of a jury, can do for you is to award you financial compensation – it would not make sense to pursue such a claim in the legal system.  You can report this provider if you choose to through the Florida Board of Medicine located in Tallahassee.  There clearly is no such thing as broken heart syndrome unless the provider is referring to either stress or depression, both of which can impact your cardiac health.  I hope that you are off this medication soon and that you fully recover.

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