Tampa Medical Malpractice Attorney Discusses the Anesthesia that is Provided in Surgical Procedures

You may have questions about what kinds of anesthesia will be provided during your surgical procedure. You can have monitored anesthesia care where you’re aware but sedated to the pain and the effects of your anesthesia; you’re not intubated or fully anesthetized or knocked out. Full anesthesia is where a patient is intubated requires that the patient is asleep and actually the nurse anesthetist or the anesthesiologist is monitoring your vital signs and your levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide.  You can have a variety of types of anesthesia from local anesthesia where just a spot on your body is anesthetized, you can be lightly sedated under monitored anesthesia care, and you can be fully sedated and intubated where you are asleep.

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This video was provided by Betsey Herd, an experienced Tampa Medical Malpractice Attorney

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