Tampa Medical Malpractice Attorney Discusses If You Have a Claim If an ER Doctor Gave a Wrong Diagnosis

We’ve often been asked the question as to whether or not when a fracture is not diagnosed in the emergency room, whether or not there’s a valuable claim. A fracture by definition requires that the body begin the healing process in order to be discoverable so unless there is a fracture line where calcium has begun to lay down, a study can be performed and not reveal the actual fracture.  While some fractures where the bones are not touching are obvious because there’s a deformity that can be seen with the naked eye just even with the skin over top of the bones, but where there is a fracture that’s not obvious because the healing process hasn’t begun; there often isn’t a failure to diagnose that fracture.

If you have been given a wrong medical diagnosis by an ER doctor, contact our experienced Tampa Medical Malpractice Attorneys to fight for you.

This video was provided by Betsey Herd, an experienced Tampa Medical Malpractice Attorney

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