Tampa Personal Injury Lawyers / Tampa Dog Bite Lawyer Explains the Animal Liability Exclusion Clause

Tampa Dog Bite Lawyer Explains the Animal Liability Exclusion Clause

Oftentimes after a dog bite incident, when the injured individual comes into our office, one of our concerns is that the owner of the dog have insurance that covers the dog bite injuries. Normally when we talk about insurance coverage for dog bite cases we’re talking about homeowners insurance or renters insurance. One of our concerns when we contact the insurance company or the individual whose dog caused the dog bite is whether or not their insurance policy has animal liability exclusion policy. Nowadays homeowners and renters insurance are including those animal liability exclusion clauses in their policies. This means they are excluding any coverage for dog bites, dog bite injuries and dog bite damages under that policy, sometimes the exclusion is limited to certain breeds of dogs, sometimes it’s limited to a particular dog and sometimes it’s a blanket exclusion for all dogs residing with the owner.  It’s very important we discover early on whether there is an animal liability exclusion policy in the dog owner’s, home owner’s or renter’s policy.
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