Tampa Dog Bite Lawyer Discusses What to Do if You Were Bitten by a Dog

If you’re bitten by a dog there’s important information you need to get from the owner. First of all if the dog has it’s shots, secondly you may want to report the information to animal protective services, they may want to come out and do an investigation and oftentimes that’s very helpful to the lawyer if animal protective services comes out and does an investigation. They’ll look into the history of the dog, where the dog came from, whether it was involved in any other incidents where it bit someone, whether the dog has vicious propensities, where the dog owner got the dog, how long he’d had the dog, and whether he was aware of the vicious propensities. So oftentimes animal protective services can be very helpful to the lawyer in prosecuting the case for the dog bites.

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This video was provided by Dennis Morgenstern, an experienced Tampa Dog Bite Lawyer.

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