Tampa Dog Bite Attorney Discusses How to Determine if You Have a Good Dog Bite Case

When people come into our office with a dog bite case one of the things we’re looking at is the extent of the injuries. If the injuries are extensive the next thing we look at is the history of the dog, has it bitten someone else, has it displayed vicious propensities such as snapping, aggressively chasing someone, jumping up on people, things of that nature that show a vicious propensity in the dog.
One of the things that’s important to know that in Florida there is a statute that holds dog owners strictly liable. You don’t need to prove negligence that they were careless in their handling or safeguarding of the dog, strictly liable for any damages caused by the dog to include a dog bite, medical bills, and scarring. We basically look at the amount of injuries and the propensity of viciousness in the dog, and who might be responsible for the dog in terms of the owner, the landlord, management company, and individuals like that.

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This video was provided by Dennis Morgenstern, an Experienced Tampa Dog Bite Attorney.

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