Tampa Personal Injury Lawyers / Tampa Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Common Auto Accident Injuries

Tampa Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Common Auto Accident Injuries

Many people come to us for an automobile collision and they’re not aware of what their injuries might be. It’s always important that you be evaluated within 14 days of the incident in order to recover or have at your use if you need it the full extent of your personal injury protection coverage. Common injuries that occur from motor vehicle accidents that are not always immediately discernible.  Injuries to the discs in your spine that perform the important task of absorbing shock. You can have pain isolated to your neck or to you back that begins to radiate after weeks or months down either your arms or your legs. People often obtain or experience injuries to their shoulder because of the way the three point harness safety belt works.  You should see medical providers right away to make sure that you can utilize all of your personal injury protection coverage and then a lawyer so that you can make sure that you receive compensation for your injuries.

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This video was provided by Betsey Herd, an experienced Tampa Car Accident Lawyer.

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