Store Slip and Fall Injury

Store Slip and Fall Injury

There are some circumstances under which a business is responsible for a store slip and fall injury, but these are not always applicable. Floors that are slick with water, exposed nails poking through hardwood, and cracked concrete surfaces can all contribute to a slip and fall injury, but it is only when a business did not act properly to fix or warn others of these conditions that a personal injury claim is applicable. In the video, attorney Dennis Morgenstern outlines how those who have been injured in slip and fall incidents can justify their legal claims.

There is a common misconception that, just because a person has fallen in a commercial space, the store or business is automatically responsible for the fall, the injuries, and the damages. In reality, in order to prove a bodily injury claim, the injured party must prove either negligence on the part of the business or dangerous conditions in the building of which the business owner was aware. For this reason, it is imperative that those who have been injured in this type of slip and fall contact attorneys with experience in premises liability law.

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