Slip and Fall in Front of a Store

Slip and Fall in Front of a Store

Slip and FallQuestion:

I was walking out of the store and had my daughter in my arms.  It had been raining and my husband was beside me, as soon as I stepped out of the store in front of the doors my foot slipped on the yellow fire lane lines that took up the whole front area of store parking lot and crosswalk.  I went down on my left knee and my husband was able to catch me before I went down on right side with daughter. My knee is skinned, bruised and of course bleeding.  I’m going to the hospital today due to pain starting behind my knee.   I made an incident report at the time of accident, so do i have a case and if so, i need attorney?


Those yellow lines are clearly visible and are probably necessary in the event that there is a store fire.  I doubt that they can be made less slippery.  Factors to consider are whether you had been to the store before, whether you saw the lines and stepped there knowing that the lines were there.  It doesn’t sound like there was a dangerous condition that caused you to file, but rather a condition that existed because of the weather conditions of which you were aware.  It would be a very tough thing to prove that the store created or knew about a dangerous condition and failed to warn you or correct it.  While other attorneys may feel differently, I think that your responsibility to take precautions is likely greater than that of the store.

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