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Seeking Medical Treatment After A Car Accident

Have you been involved in a car wreck but don’t feel injured? Watch this video about why seeking medical treatment after a car accident is important.


Do I need to see a doctor if I don’t feel injured after a car accident in Tampa Bay?


Seeking Medical Treatment After A Car Accident Often, we’re asked by people who call with injury cases if they need to see a doctor immediately after being involved in a car accident. In the state of Florida, one of the issues is that you have personal injury protection coverage that pays your medical bills or the reasonable value of your medical bills. If you don’t see a doctor within the first 14 days and maybe you have some kind of latent injury which doesn’t show up right away but after a week, maybe even after two weeks you feel some major kind of injury, you will, by not going to see a doctor in that first two weeks, you’ll negate all of your coverage or all of your pit benefits that you’re paying for. There are a couple of reasons, as we explain to people that call and ask about this, that you should go immediately after any kind of a car accident to be checked out by your family care physician or by an urgent care center. That’s because we don’t always know if we’re injured right away. Car accidents, even minor damage causing car accidents, can cause major injuries, and some of them you don’t feel right away. It’s always good to be checked out, go within that first 14 days, and truly as we explain to callers, go as soon as you can. Go that day and make sure that you’re being evaluated for any kind of latent injury that doesn’t show up right away.

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