School Bus Accident

School Bus Accident

Fall has arrived, and as the weather becomes cooler, processions of bright yellow school buses fill the streets to ferry our children to and from school. Though school bus drivers are county employees and strive to ensure a safe ride for all their passengers, accidents can still occur. In the video below, personal injury attorney Betsey Herd discusses the most crucial steps that you must take if you are involved in a school bus accident in Florida.

If you are involved in a collision with a school bus, it is imperative to know that the bus is owned by the county. For that reason, there are specific laws that apply to that crash. If you are injured in this collision, you should see a medical provider as soon as possible to receive treatment. Once you have been treated, you must contact a lawyer, as the time limit during which a claim can be filed is shorter for injuries caused by county-owned vehicles than for those inflicted by private citizens’ cars.

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