Reporting a Claim from a Bus Accident

Reporting a Claim from a Bus Accident


I was at the bus stop, I got up and the driver hit the brakes hard and I fell down. hurt my head, back, neck and shoulders. The accident has caused me to have dizzy spells all day, everyday. I recently had my vertigo under control, but everything else is worsening.  It took four hours to report the original accident.


There is no 4 hour time limit to for reporting injuries suffered on a bus.  When you reported your injuries, hopefully you recorded the name of the person who took your report, his location and/or phone number and the date, and time of your report of your injury.  You should, preferably through counsel, promptly request & obtain any and all videotape footage showing the operation of the bus and your fall … and try to get contact information for everyone that was on the bus at the time of your fall. As an aside, the bus company will likely allege that you were at fault, at least in part, for your fall & injuries … because you stood up before the bus stopped. Also, from the facts presented, it sounds like you had prior dizziness (because of your mention that your vertigo was under control … before the fall), so the bus company will likely assert that the condition that causes your dizziness was present before your fall and, as such, will assert that the fall did not cause your vertigo.  In any case, you need to promptly consult with a local personal injury attorney regarding your claim & injuries.

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