Receiving Dog Bite Compensation

Receiving Dog Bite Compensation

Receiving Dog Bite CompensationWere you or a loved one recently injured in a dog bite attack but are having trouble receiving dog bite compensation? Contact our experienced Tampa dog bite attorneys to hold the owners responsible for their negligence. We will fight for you and your family to earn the maximum case value.

Receiving Dog Bite Compensation | Liable Party

There are a few things that are important in terms of dog bite injuries that we advise our clients who want compensation. First of all, the severity of the injury. Secondly, the care that is provided in treatment of those injuries. Thirdly, whether the injuries will leave any sort of permanent scarring. Often times an individual bit by a dog is either bit on the hand or the leg and those scars are going to be visible for a lifetime. Many times, there is permanent scar damages from those injuries. All of this will go into determining the value of your dog bite claim. If there is scarring, that is a huge part of getting compensation. It is a very upsetting and constant reminder of the attack.

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Receiving Dog Bite Compensation | Florida Dog Bite Laws

In Florida, there is a statute that holds dog owners strictly liable, you don’t need to prove negligence in their handling of the dog. They will be strictly liable for any damages caused by the dog, including medical bills and scarring which should have you feeling relieved. The compensation will come regardless. It’s a lot easier than some states have it where they have to fight to prove that the owner was liable and fight to prove that you were not.

The way you actually get compensation is through the liable party’s insurance. When we investigate a dog bite claim and find out that the owner does not have any insurance or assets, we can determine that it’s not practical or not cost effective to prosecute a claim for a dog bite. In that case we advise the client that they really do not have a claim that’s cost effective to pursue. Most people, however, do have insurance, and those are the companies that we will fight to get compensation and we will not let them bully you.

In a matter of seconds, a dog can cause severe damage during an attack and no longer be man’s best friend. Contact our dedicated and experienced Tampa dog bite attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

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