Questions About Medication Errors

Questions About Medication ErrorsIf you are issued the wrong prescription by your doctor or pharmacist, it could result in serious injuries. This is especially troubling considering patients place trust in their doctors to not mistakes when it comes to their health. That is why you should seek the advice of a Tampa Bay personal injury attorney if you have been the victim of any sort of medical malpractice.

Questions About Medication Errors | Do I Have a Claim?

If a doctor prescribes the wrong medication or dosage, you may have a claim. If you never took the prescription or if no physical damages occurred, then you would end up spending money on experts and recover nothing.  If you think a doctor has prescribed you the wrong medication or dosage, confront the doctor immediately. Your concern at this point is your health, not a malpractice suit.

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Questions About Medication Errors | How Do I File a Malpractice Claim?

In the State of Florida, you can’t jump right away into filing a medical malpractice suit. You need to go through a pre-suit process, during which time your attorney will gather all relevant medical records and send these to an expert for independent review. This expert will provide an affidavit, which your attorney will send via certified mail to the medical provider. That medical provider will have 90 days to consult with an attorney and malpractice carrier, and at the end of that period must either admit or deny the claim. If the medical provider denies your claim, your attorney will file a lawsuit.

Questions About Medication Errors | How Should I Choose an Attorney?

Experience matters most. You aren’t just looking for an attorney with plenty of court time and peer recommendations, either, though these things are important. Generally, an attorney with some medical background will be more successful in Florida medical malpractice cases. All this information is available online, but you shouldn’t stop there. Remember that you may spend years working with this person. You should meet face-to-face before deciding. You need someone you can trust, someone you’re comfortable talking to, someone who won’t bully you into a course of action you don’t want to take, and, ideally, someone you like.

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