Questionable Malpractice

Questionable Malpractice

Questionable MalpracticeQuestion:

Had an extraction, bone graft, and a prep for a bridge last Wednesday. Next day, I developed fever and chills. Over the phone, my dentist prescribe antibiotics and to call him Friday. Friday I made several calls, and was never called back. Went to the hospital Saturday for for sepsis, transferred to trauma hospital by ambulance for evaluation by an oral surgeon. I was discharged yesterday.

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It certainly is substandard care not to return the call of a patient to whom you have prescribed antibiotics who is not getting better.  However, one issue will be whether the oral surgeon’s phone system or office told you to go to the ER immediately if you did not get better.  The defense will certainly take the position that this is what you should have done on Friday.  If you have made a full recovery and are doing well now, you will likely spend more than you could recover, even though you should not have experienced this ordeal.

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