Pothole Bicycle Accident

Were you injured on a bike due to a pothole or other road hazard? Watch this video to learn about a pothole bicycle accident, then call us!


Do I have a claim if I’m injured on a bike due to a pothole?


Were you injured after hitting a pothole on a bicycle? Do you have a claim for that? That’s a complicated question to answer, but not necessarily impossible. If the pothole is concealed, by being full of water, you probably have a claim. If it’s latent or difficult to see and it should be not obvious to you, which would be a complete defense to a claim, then the maintenance department, usually with the county, for that roadway is going to be responsible for that. I spoke to someone just last week who had received a check from the maintenance department because they hit a huge hole and it didn’t necessarily cause physical damage, but it caused a lot of damage to their car, to both the tire and the wheel, and it became very expensive, and the county automatically compensated them for that. You do have a claim for physical injury to your cars, or your bicycle, or your motorcycle, but also for any bodily injuries if the pothole is not open and obvious.

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