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Other Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance

Did you get hit by another car and the other driver doesn’t have insurance? Watch this video for guidance, then call our Tampa Bay Car Accident Attorneys.


What happens if the person who hits me is uninsured and I am injured in a car accident in Tampa Bay?


Other Driver Doesn't Have Insurance We often are contacted by people who are involved in car accident cases where the party causing the accident has no insurance coverage. When you call Morgenstern & Herd, one of the first things that we do is we get the information from you regarding the at fault party. There is no requirement in the state of Florida that drivers have bodily injury coverage. Bodily injury coverage pays for injuries you cause as a driver. Since there’s no requirement that you have that coverage, often people don’t have it. If that’s the case, we need to find that out right away so we can give you advice when you call on the phone. If the at fault driver has no coverage for bodily injuries, you may have coverage. That’s called underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. When you look at the coverages that you have on your automobile policy, you should go over that with your agent and make sure that you have underinsured motorist coverage so that if you’re injured in a car accident by someone who has no bodily injury coverage, your uninsured motorist coverage will provide coverage for your injury so that you can receive treatment, evaluation, and not only that but compensation for your injuries and lost time at work.

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