Off-Road Vehicle Accident

Off-Road Vehicle Accident

Were you seriously injured in an off-road vehicle accident? You may be worried about how you are going to manage things financially. These accidents can cause you some big problems. Here is what you need to know.

Off-Road Vehicle Accident | Investigation

Off-Road Vehicle AccidentAfter an off-road vehicle accident in which someone is seriously injured, there really has to be a focus on a number of different areas. The first thing someone needs to think about is – and this is obvious in terms of all the different areas – what actually happened. How did the accident happen? Really go through the mechanics of what happened and whether or not the terrain that the person was riding on at the time might have contributed to the accident. Maybe something on the actual ATV caused or contributed to the accident. Sometimes there’s things that the landowner does that causes or contributes to the accident. There has to be a very good initial investigation as to the root causes of the accident.

Off-Road Vehicle Accident | Landowner Issues

Having said that, there are a number of different avenues that need to be explored. For example, in terms of the landowner, there have been cases where people put up wires across roadways to keep people from trespassing or to keep people out without having it marked No Trespassing. There have been cases where individuals were riding ATVs, motorcycles and those types of vehicles, and actually had been close lined, if you will, because those wires are not visible to the eye. There could be problems caused by the landowner contributing or causing the accident.

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Off-Road Vehicle Accident | Product Liability

There could be problems with the bike itself, the ATV vehicle itself. There could be mechanical problems. Then there are issues of whose ATV was it? Did they know about these problems? Should they have known about these problems? Was the vehicle recently repaired? Were the repairs done properly? There may be problems with both the owner of the ATV, those people that have recently repaired the ATV. There may be problems with the ATV as it was built and came from the manufacturer, what we call product liability claim.

Off-Road Vehicle Accident | Seriously Injured

There are a number of different areas that need to be explored when we see off road ATV-type accidents. There are a number of different areas, and if you have someone significantly injured in an ATV accident, you need to get to an attorney who’s well-versed in all aspects to include the product liability aspects that might be involved in an ATV accident and significant injury.

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