Dentist Perforated My Sinus and Ruptured a Cyst/Abscess Bringing the Bacteria into My Sinus What Can I Do?

Dentist Perforated My Sinus and Ruptured a Cyst/Abscess Bringing the Bacteria into My Sinus, What Can I Do?

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A dentist prepped for a crown, and in doing so perforated my sinus. I didn’t know what happened until I went home and leaned forward & tons of clear medical smelling liquid poured out of my right nostril. After a week, my face swelled and I got this giant pus pocket in my gums above the tooth behind the one she prepped. During the procedure she told me when I asked if her back hurt, that she had great pain killers. I went back to her complaining my gums were sore and showed her the thing. She kept saying “I didn’t go that high” and told me to see my GP for a sinus infection. I ended up in the hospital, ran a CT scan, found out I had an abscess tooth with a cyst,  she punctured bringing bacteria it into my sinus. Not enough room to write everything but I’m still in pain $12K later. What can I do?

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First, I think you should follow up with an ENT (otolaryngologist) recommended by your GP to make sure that you know what the damages are.  Make sure that you give an appropriate history of the events so that the ENT can relate your damages to what was done.  Hopefully, everything will heal and resolve so that you have no permanent damages.  If you do have permanent damages, you should contact a local attorney in Tampa, FL who can evaluate your claim, including repayment of any medical expenses by your health or dental insurer, if any.

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