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Motorcycle Accidents Without A Helmet

Motorcycle accidents without a helmet can cause severe lifelong injuries. We will help you ensure you are fairly and fully compensated. Call for a free consultation.


Do I have an accident claim if I wasn’t wearing a helmet?


In the state of Florida, if you’re a motorcycle rider, you’re not required to wear a helmet. There’s no prerequisites that you do so, and you’re not prohibited from filing a claim or bringing a lawsuit if you’re injured due to the fault of someone else while you’re riding your motorcycle. The problem is, there are certain injuries that you could sustain for which the failure to wear a helmet could be used against you.Motorcycle Accidents Without A Helmet For example, if you get a head injury, the defense insurance company can take the position that your damages would’ve been less if you had that helmet on. It works for and against you because there are also neck injuries that can be made worse by wearing a helmet, which is one of the things that, when we handle motorcycle cases here at Morgenstern & Herd, we use against a carrier who wants to assert that your head injury wasn’t caused by the accident, but it instead was caused by your failure to wear the helmet.

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