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Motorcycle Accident Case Timeline

Have you been injured from a motorcycle accident and have questions? Watch this video to learn about the motorcycle accident case timeline in Tampa Bay.


How long is it going to take to resolve my motorcycle accident injury claim in Tampa Bay?


Motorcycle Accident Case Timeline We’re often asked how long it will take to resolve a motorcycle injury claim in the state of Florida. Generally, with motorcycle accident cases, unfortunately, because of the lack of protection, the injuries are far more serious. Those claims in and of themselves take much longer because the claim is always about you as the injured victim. You need to complete your treatment in order to – for us to understand what the full value and the full extent of all of your injuries are. Just because you fracture a bone and have a surgery to repair that bone with rods and instrumentation doesn’t mean that you’re not going to need future treatment for that fracture. Motorcycle injury cases generally take much longer. Once we can get an idea from your treating surgeons, trauma surgeons, what the extent of your injuries are, we can know what the coverage of the at-fault party is and can begin to evaluate the extent of compensation that you’re going to need to cover any expenses in the future. The other issue involving motorcycle injury cases is that we don’t have personal injury protection benefits unless you pay extra to have medical payments coverage on your motorcycle to pay your medical bills. We generally are in a position where we either have to rely upon your health insurance, which we try to do if you have it, or on surgeons and specialists who will wait to be paid from the proceeds of your compensation. Depending on the extent of your injuries, motorcycle accident cases can take much longer. They are generally resolved short of trial because insurance companies know that juries are going to see catastrophic type injuries, but there’s no specific answer. We can’t give you even a range of time for how long your motorcycle accident injury case will take because they’re dependent on you, the extent of your injuries, the available coverage, and your recovery time.

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