Medical Malpractice Questions

Medical Malpractice Questions

Being a victim of medical malpractice can be very angering. You may want to be compensated for the injuries that your doctor inflicted on you. Here are some of the most frequently asked medical malpractice questions.

Medical Malpractice Questions | What should I look for when picking an attorney?

Experience matters most. You aren’t just looking for an attorney with plenty of court time and peer recommendations, either, though these things are important. Generally, an attorney with some medical background will be more successful in Florida medical malpractice cases. All this information is available online, but you shouldn’t stop there. Remember that you may spend years working with this person. You should meet face-to-face before deciding. You need someone you can trust, someone you’re comfortable talking to, someone who won’t bully you into a course of action you don’t want to take, and, ideally, someone you like.

Medical Malpractice Questions | How do I know if my attorney is doing a good job?

When you contract with an attorney, that attorney will give you a “statement of client’s rights” outlining what you should expect. Make sure you understand this, and that your attorney lives up to the letter. You should also stay informed at every step of the process, and take an active role in decision making, especially regarding settlements.

Medical Malpractice Questions | What are the consequences of a malpractice case for medical professional?

In Florida, a healthcare provider can lose his or her license to practice after “three strikes.” What constitutes a strike, though, is not always certain. When you file a complaint, that complaint goes to the Florida Board of Medicine, which will generally not sanction an individual for an alleged medical error, but rather for documenting errors or serious, proven cases of malpractice. However, if a physician has multiple outstanding complaints, your case may directly result in the loss of a license.

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Medical Malpractice Questions | Can I get an apology from my healthcare provider?

Aside from some peace of mind and a sense of closure, the only thing a civil trial can give you is a monetary reward. A jury cannot force an apology from anyone.

Medical Malpractice Questions | Do I have a claim if I suffered Florida medical malpractice but have recovered?

In this case, you would likely spend more to get expert witnesses than you would receive in compensation. You will have wasted your time. Still, if you feel strongly that you have a claim despite an improvement in your health, seek a consultation with an experienced attorney.

Medical Malpractice Questions | How can I help avoid or combat medical negligence and malpractice?

The steps you can take to preventing medical malpractice are, for the most part, the same steps you should be taking to help your healthcare providers treat you. Be an advocate for yourself (or for your loved one). Do research. Ask questions. Tell your healthcare providers everything. And keep documentation.

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