Legal Action After an Accident

Legal Action After an Accident

Legal Action After an AccidentWhen you are hurt in a car accident, you may be left unable to work and unable to pay for your piling medical bills. We suggest that you take legal action after an accident to pursue full compensation from the negligent party.

Legal Action After an Accident | What are the First Steps After a Car Accident?

You need to determine if the police and an ambulance are notified of the incident.   You should also receive contact information of witnesses, and take photos of the scene.  You should seek immediate medical attention upon getting into an auto accident.  Under PIP Coverage, you can go to any hospital or doctor of your choosing.  Your bills will be covered under your auto insurance provider.

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Legal Action After an Accident | What Does Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Cover?

If your vehicle is damaged, it will be repaired at a reputable shop.  There will be no deductible, and the other party will pay for the damages.  If the other party is not insured, your vehicle will be covered under collision coverage, but you will pay any deductibles.  Any Injuries of damages you suffer include economic and noneconomic damages.  An individual, or their deceased love one, must have a permanent or significant injury in order to qualify for non-economic damages.

Legal Action After an Accident | Who Pays for the Damages in a Car Accident?

In the state of Florida, everyone’s required to have property damage coverage. That doesn’t mean that everybody follows the law, however. If you are not at fault for the cause of the collision, often the adverse insurance company, the insurance company of the person who hit you, will accept responsibility and pay for your property damage. If that doesn’t happen or if there’s no coverage on the other side, then your car will have to be repaired out of your coverage. That would be your collision coverage if you have it. Many people aren’t aware that we’re not required to have that kind of coverage. If you don’t have it in the state of Florida, that’s something you need to have in order to protect yourself.

If you are interested in taking legal action after an accident, please call our experienced Tampa car accident lawyer today for a free consultation. We are here to help.

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