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Injured as a Bus Passenger

Did you get injured as a bus passenger in Tampa Bay? Learn the next steps you should take in this educational video, then give our lawyers a call.


I was injured as a passenger on a bus in Tampa Bay, what should I do?


Injured as a Bus Passenger We got a call just last week from someone who was injured in a bus accident. She wanted to know what things she should do next for her case. The first thing that you want to make sure you do before you leave the bus is to let the bus driver know or someone at the scene know that you were injured. The next thing you should do is to contact an attorney, which she had already done. Let me just clarify that by saying that if you are leaving the scene – you’ve let someone at the scene know that you’re injured, if you need immediate medical attention, have them get it for you. Have them summon the paramedics so that you can get medical attention. If you feel like you can seek medical attention on your own, make sure you let someone at the scene know you’re going to seek medical attention because you feel like you might’ve been injured or you are injured. Then contact a lawyer immediately. We can help guide you through the steps that you should take. It wasn’t too late for the lady who called. She had just left the scene. We contacted the bus company, let them know that she had contacted us, she was injured, and to correspond with us. We made sure that we contacted her insurance company, her health insurance, so that we knew what her injuries were, we knew what her coverage was to be able to get her compensation and evaluated for her injuries, so all of those things can be done when you contact a lawyer. If you’re not sure what to do, don’t leave the scene without reporting your injury and what has happened, but then contact a lawyer immediately.

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