Heart Attack Medical Malpractice

Heart Attack Medical Malpractice

If you have recently suffered a heart attack, you may be feeling very scared. Heart attacks are serious and not something to mess around with. Heart attack medical malpractice is entirely preventable and you may be eligible for compensation.

Medical Error

People sometimes have the question as to whether or not just because they’ve had a heart attack or a stroke, does that mean they they’ve experienced or been the victim of medical malpractice? Having a heart attack or having a stroke does not equate with medical malpractice unless there is a delay in recognizing the signs and symptoms that you have exhibited and reported to your medical provider in advance of experiencing the heart attack or the stroke, there is not necessarily a claim so if you have been complaining about dizziness, sweating, pain in your heart after a meal without exertion those are some of the signs that should be known to your medical provider that you could be having some sort of process that would lead to a stroke or a heart attack so report any signs or symptoms that you  have and see a medical provider immediately.

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Sufficient Damages

Many people who have experienced heart attacks come and ask whether or not they have sufficient damages to bring a claim if the processes by which their artery became clogged occurred over a long period of time. Potentially you would have a claim for failure to diagnose and evaluating your claim if you have the heart attack and you have long term catastrophic damages are unable to do the things you once did or your heart has been damaged, the heart is actually a muscle and if that heart muscle experiences extensive damage where now it doesn’t function as well then you may have damages sufficient to bring a claim and you should contact an experience medical malpractice lawyer.

Heart Attack Medical Malpractice: Heart Attack Warning Signs

The American Heart Association has given some key concepts of what the warning signs are of a heart attack. Pain in the center of the chest, sweating, the inability to speak because of shortness of breath and pain running down the left arm which is the side of your body where the heart is located are key signs of a heart attack but you should know that any pain anywhere in your body can be as the result of a heart attack so if you or a loved one suspects that you may be having a heart attack you should call 911 right away.

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