Florida Personal Injury Attorney Discusses a Slip and Fall at Walmart

Florida Personal Injury Attorney Discusses a Slip and Fall at Walmart

Slip and Fall DeductableQuestion:

I was shopping at Walmart and went to the oil isle and got some oil. I then left that isle and rounded the end of the isle and started down the next isle. When a rug runner that was in front of the counter went right out from under my feet. I fell on the floor and hurt my back and have numbness in my left leg and I have headaches. This happened Sunday and I tried to go to the chiropractor but even with my insurance they want $143 and I do not have that to spend. What should I do? I have photos I took of the carpet and floor. The carpet was sitting on top of oil or water. I have a picture of the back of the rug runner really wet. Need help and advice.


First off, you should have made (and hopefully did make) a report to a Walmart manager regarding your fall & the conditions that caused you to fall. At this point in time, you should consult with and retain an experienced personal injury attorney who should assist you in getting any necessary medical treatment by issuin letters of protection (“LOP’s”) to your treaters, whereby those treaters wait for your claim to be resolved before they are paid for your treatment.  You should retain counsel as soon as possible so your attorney can promptly request that any store videotape (showing your fall) can be obtained.

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