First Steps After Being Attacked by a Dog

First Steps After Being Attacked by a Dog | Free ConsultationIn the split of an eye, man’s best friend can become man’s worst enemy. If you or your child were seriously injured by a dog attack, contact the experienced Tampa dog bite attorneys to hold the owners responsible for their negligence. We will fight for you and your family to earn the maximum. Continue reading to learn the first steps after being attacked by a dog.

First Steps After Being Attacked by a Dog

After a dog bite, one of the first things to do is seek prompt medical attention. Often times dog’s mouths have harmful bacteria and those bites need to be treated differently than let’s say a laceration you might receive from a car accident or slip and fall. Also, there should be a concern as to whether or not the dog has had all its vaccination and shots. That is something that needs to be looked into very quickly.

There are times the Hillsborough County Animal Safety and Enforcement will get involved. Therefore, it is very important that you not only notify the dog owner or whoever is taking care of the dog, but also the Hillsborough County Animal Safety and Enforcement to have them properly investigate the dog bite.

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Recovering Compensation

In Florida, there is a statute that holds dog owners strictly liable, you don’t need to prove negligence in their handling of the dog. They will be strictly liable for any damages caused by the dog, including medical bills and scarring which should have you feeling relieved. The compensation will come regardless. It’s a lot easier than some states have it where they have to fight to prove that the owner was liable and fight to prove that you were not.

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