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First Personal Injury Settlement Offer

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Should I take the first settlement offer in a personal injury claim in Tampa Bay?


First Personal Injury Settlement Offer Last week, we got a call from a woman who was trying to handle her personal injury claim with the insurance company at the premises where she was injured completely on her own. She had gotten an offer from the store where she was injured and she wanted to know if she should take the offer. She was not done treating with her medical injuries. She had only seen an urgent care center one time. She didn’t know the full extent of her injuries yet. That offer was designed to keep her from calling an attorney to get the advice of an attorney. Sometimes if a person isn’t injured, we’ve told them that’s a pretty good offer. If you’re not going to go for medical treatment, you need to make sure that you pay back the provider who pays for that medical treatment or pay the provider directly if the bill is outstanding, but if you don’t know the full extent of your injuries, as this woman didn’t know, taking the first offer is a big mistake. Certainly, the insurance company is not in a position to evaluate what your injuries are if you don’t know yourself and you haven’t been evaluated by medical providers. She became our client and she’s continuing to treat to find out what our injuries are. We’re going to be able to help her get full value for her case. No insurance company makes an offer to you initially for the full value of your case unless you’re not injured at all. If you have a question about that, call us at Morgenstern & Herd.

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