Failure To Diagnose

Having taken the Hippocratic oath, our doctors owe it to us to correctly diagnose and treat any and all injuries and diseases that we may have sustained or contracted. Medical malpractice law comes into effect when a doctor fails in her or his duty to identify a medical problem, and our office has found that failure to diagnose can be a solid basis in a legal claim against a practitioner or a hospital. To learn more about failure to diagnose in Florida, watch the following video by experienced Tampa Medical Malpractice attorney Betsy Herd. If you still have questions, please contact our office to schedule a free confidential consultation today. Let our experience work for you.

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When you have a medical condition, you present with certain physical signs and traits as well as complaints of symptoms. When enough signs are present and are accompanied by a clinical presentation of symptoms, a physician is obligated to recognize those signs and symptoms and to diagnose your condition. When that does not happen, and the lack of a diagnosis leads to physical damage or worsening of the condition, the failure to diagnose becomes actionable.

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