Factors in a Pedestrian Accident Case

Factors in a Pedestrian Accident CasePedestrian accidents can be complicated. They are often not a simple a case of a driver running a stop sign while someone was crossing the street. There are often quite a few factors in a pedestrian accident case that will contribute to the liability and amount of compensation you can receive. For a free case evaluation, contact our Tampa personal injury attorneys today. We are ready to fight for you.

Factors in a Pedestrian Accident Case | Fault of the Driver

When a driver runs a red light and strikes a pedestrian in the crosswalk, there is clear liability. However, there are often cases where other factors can contribute to the fault of the driver. For example, if another vehicle causes the first driver to swerve into a pedestrian’s path, the second driver might also be liable for your accident. It is important to gather as much evidence as possible at the scene of the accident so your lawyer can determine who is responsible for your damages.

Factors in a Pedestrian Accident Case | Partially At-Fault

A pedestrian may be partially at-fault for their accident as well. For example, walking in or near the road and wearing non-reflective clothing at night makes it very difficult for drivers to see you. This can result in partial negligence on your part. Another scenario where a pedestrian would be at fault for an accident would be crossing the road while texting, walking out-of-turn in a crosswalk, or not using a crosswalk at all. Pedestrians must use reasonable care while walking and crossing roads and sidewalks. Just because a driver may have struck a pedestrian with their vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean they were at fault.

Make sure you protect your legal rights and options by hiring the most experienced Tampa pedestrian accident attorney you can find so that you may receive the amount of money you rightfully deserve for the damages you have suffered. Schedule a free consultation today.

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