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Tampa Injury Lawyers and Medical Malpractice Attorneys

The experienced personal injury lawyers and medical malpractice attorneys at Morgenstern & Herd, PA know how complicated and confusing personal injury cases and medical malpractice claims can be. That’s why we took the time to answer your most frequently asked legal questions in the following educational videos. If you would like to discuss your personal injury or medical malpractice matter with a dedicated Tampa attorney, contact us today to schedule a free confidential consultation. Let us fight for you.

Medical Malpractice

What is Breach of Duty?

What is Causation?

What is Coumadin?

What Should I Know When I Take Coumadin?

How Should I be Monitored When Taking Coumadin?

What is Duty?

What Should I Do If I Think The Doctors Are At Fault?

What is Failure to Diagnose?

What If My Child Was Injured During Birth?

Are Medical Experts Necessary in the Area Retinopathy of Prematurity of (ROP)?

What is ROP?

What Determines A Medical Malpractice Case?

What is the Treatment for ROP?

If not Treated Appropriately Can ROP Cause Blindness?

Are There Limits on Damages on Medical Malpractice Cases?

How to Determine Damages for Heart Attacks or Stroke in a Cases

Does the Anesthesia Provider have other Responsibilities Other Than the Sedation?

Do I Have a Claim If an ER Doctor Fails To Diagnose My Condition?

Do I Have to Pay for Consulting for a Potential Medical Malpractice Case?

Does Having a Heart Attack or Stroke Equate to Medical Error?

Does the Doctor Lose Their License if They Are Found Negligent?

How Can You Help to Prevent Medical Negligence?

How Can I Determine if My Medical Malpractice Attorney is Doing a Good Job?

Medical Malpractice Fee Structure

How Long Medical Malpractice Cases Take to Complete?

How Are Damages Determined in a Medical Malpractice Case?

What Should People Consider Prior To Hiring a Medical Malpractice Attorney?

Medical Malpractice Cases: The Process

What Should I Do if I Suspect a Death Was the Result of Medical Negligence?

I’m not Sure the Prescription Drug Caused Damage

Is an Estate Necessary For a Wrongful Death Case

What is the role of an Anesthesiologist

Who are the Anesthesia Providers?

Should I Know Who My Anesthesia Provider is Before Surgery?

What is Important to Know About Anesthesia Awareness?

Should the Pharmacist Help Me to Avoid Taking the Wrong Prescription?

What Should I do to Avoid Wrong Prescription?

Understanding Medication Errors

Warning Signs When Someone is Having a Heart Attack

Warning Signs When Someone is Having a Stroke

Wrongful Death Due to Medical Negligence

Wrongful Death – Medical Malpractice Cases

What if a Medical Error Occurred but My Condition Improved?

What if the ER Gave Me a Wrong Diagnosis?

What if our Family Wants a Apology From the Doctor?

What is a Surgical Time Out?

What is the Surgical Team?

What Should the Surgical Team Do To Avoid Wrong Site Surgeries?

How Can I Help Prevent Wrong Site Surgeries?

Why Do I Have to Prove Reckless Disregard Against a ER Physician?

What is Atrial Fibrillation?

What is INR?

What is Important to Know About Medical Malpractice?

What is Necessary to Bring a Successful Surgical Claim?

What is a Surgical Fire?

What is the Fire Triangle?

Who is Responsible for Fire Safety in the Operating Room?

What is the FMCSR?

What Kind of Anesthesia is Provided in Current Surgical Procedure?

Personal Injury Law

8 Figure Catastrophic Injury Success Case

Can I File a Personal Injury Claim if I was Attacked on a Apartment Complex or Business Property?

Can the Management Transfer Liabilities to the Attacker?

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim?

The Steps of a Personal Injury Case

How Do I Go About Selecting A Personal Injury Attorney?

Will My Personal Injury Case Got To Trail?

Is the Electric Company Liable if I Was in Contact with Overhead Wires?

What if a Business Denies Responsibility for An Attack?

Filing a Claim if You Did Not Receive Immediate Medical Care

How Long Will A Wrongful Death Personal Injury Case Take?

What If I Have Pre-existing Medical Conditions?

What Is The Discovery Phase?

How Is Compensation Determined?

What Is Comparative Negligence?

What Should I do if I am Assaulted in a Hotel?

What If I Got Injured Due To Poor Lighting?

What If My Child Was Injured At School?

What If I Was Injured While Trespassing?

How Can I Determine The Value Of My Personal Injury Case?

How Long Will It Take To Get Money From My Personal Injury Case?

What Is the Minimum Amount Of Medical Bills Needed To Make A Claim?

What If I Was Injured By a Hazardous Condition Created by an Independent Contractor?

Would My Injury be Covered by the Business Where the Injury Occurred?

Am I Covered When I Dig on the Site Where Electric Company Marked as Safe?

Injured Using Unsafe Product

Can I Make A Personal Injury Claim From Emotional Distress?

Time Frame to File a Personal Injury Claim

Slip & Fall Injuries

Is the Store Automatically Responsible For My Slip and Fall Injury?

What if I Got Injured in a Store Due to Falling Objects?

What if I Slip and Fall Due to Rain Water?

Medical Payments Coverage in a Slip and Fall Case

Injured on an Unsafe Sidewalk 

First Thing I Should Do After A Slip And Fall Accident

Dangerous Conditions That Cause Slip And Fall Accident

Claiming Damages from a Slip and Fall Injury

What If I Got Injured From A Faulty Handrail?

What If I Slip and Fall From a Water Leak From the Cooler in a Store?

What if I Slip and Fall in a Store Because of Wet Floor?

The Store Denies Liability by Claiming They Were Not Aware

Railroad Worker Injuries

Am I Covered by FELA for my Injury?

Can I Seek FELA Coverage for Stress Injury?

What Damages Coverage Can I Seek if Injured on a Job?

What If My Injury is Caused by Someone Else

What Rights Do I Have As a Railroad Worker?

Why I Am Not Covered with Work Compensation?

Maritime Law

Do I Have to Give the Cruise Line Notice Regarding to My Onboard Injury?

What if I am Injured While Docking a Boat?

What If I Was Injured On A Boat?

What If I Am Attacked by a Crew Member on the Cruise Ship?

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Can I Sue the Other Driver for My Injuries?

Do I Have to Pay Back My PIP Carrier?

How to Determine Whether I have a Good Auto Accident Claim?

PIP Coverage After Auto Accident

What Happens If I Was Injured In A Car At Work?

What Forms Do I Need to Submit When I am Involved in an Auto Accident?

First Steps After a Car Accident

Who Pays For The Damages In A Car Accident Injury?

Car Accidents Vs Motorcycle Accidents

What Happens If I Was In A Off Road Vehicle Accident?

Can I Make A Claim If I Was Partially At Fault?

I Sustained an Injury in an Auto Accident

What Kind of Injuries are Common in a Auto Accident?

What If I was Hit as a Pedestrian?

What If I Was Injured In a Auto Accident But I Was Not Wearing Seat Belt?

What if I’m Hit by a Drunk Driver?

Uninsured Motorist Insurance

I Got Hit By a Person Who Was Not Insured

What is Recoverable in a Auto Accident?

What Do I Need to Know About Being Injured in a Car Accident?

Where Do I Send My Medical Bills?

Why Does My Auto Insurance Pay for My Medical When I’m Not at Fault?

Why is it Important to Receive Medical Attention Right Away?

What If I Get Hit by a School Bus?

Injured in a Passenger Car by A Commercial Truck

What If I Was Injured as a Truck Driver in a Commercial Vehicle?

No Fault Accidents in Tampa, FL

Insurance Claims

On Board Recording Devices

Special Laws Applying to Commercial Vehicles

Dog Bite Injuries

What Question Do I Ask The Owner If I Get Bit by a Dog?

Does Insurance Usually Cover Dog Bites?

Dog Bite Injuries

The Steps After Being Bitten By A Dog

What if the Owner of The Dog Does Not Have Insurance?

What is the Animal Liability Exclusion Clause?

Good Dog Bite Cases

Is the Owner of the Dog Responsible For the Dog Attack?

Can Someone Other Than The Dog Owner be Responsible?

What If My Pet Was Injured by Another Dog?

The Offending Dog Never Had an Incident Before

Bitten by Someone Else’s Dog

Substance Abuse

Drug Rehab

Choosing A Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Questions to Ask Addiction Treatment Providers

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Success Rates of Addiction Treatment

How Long Are Addiction Treatment Program Lengths?

One Size Fits All Treatment Programs

Type of Substance Abuse Treatment Plans

Co-Ed Substance Abuse Facilities

Asking About Treatment Facility Complaints

The Addiction Treatment Center Staff

Who’s in Charge of Rendering Care at Treatment Centers?

Who are the Treatment Center Supervisors?

Accessing Specialists During Addiction Treatment

Addressing Multiple Substance Abuse Disorders

Substance Abuse Peer Recovery

12 Step Programs for Substance Abuse

How is Addiction Treatment Progress Measured

Sharing Treatment Progress with Family

Medical Tests During Addiction Treatment

How Much Individual Therapy Will Be Received?

Substance Abuse Relapse Policies

Changing Addiction Treatment

Who is Notified if a Patient Relapses?

The Next Steps After Treatment Discharge

Do Treatment Centers Perform Follow Ups

Sober Homes and Recovery Residences

FARR Certified Sober Homes

Monitoring of Sober Homes

Is There Oversight at Sober Homes?