Dog Bite Owner Issues

Dog Bite Owner Issues

Dog Bite Owner IssuesIf you have been bitten by a dog, you may encounter some of these dog bite owner issues. Here is what you need to know before contacting an attorney to help with your case.

Dog Bite Owner Issues | Questions to Ask the Owner

If you’re bitten by a dog, there’s important information you need to get from the owner. First of all if the dog  has its shots, secondly you may want to report the information to animal protective services, they may want to come out and do an investigation and oftentimes that’s very helpful to the lawyer if animal protective services comes out and does an investigation, they’ll look into the history of the dog, where the dog came from, whether it was involved in any another incidents were it bit someone, whether the dog has vicious propensities, where the dog owner got the dog, how long he’d had the dog, whether he was aware of the vicious propensities so oftentimes animal protective services can be very helpful to the lawyer in prosecuting the case for the dog bites.

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Dog Bite Owner Issues | Dog Owner Refuses to Provide Information

Oftentimes after a dog bite the owner of the dog will not be very cooperative that’s why it’s a good idea to get animal protective services involved and they will in their official capacity investigate the accident and find out information relevant to your claim such as the dog owner, how long he’s owned the dog, where the dog came from, whether the dog had its vaccinations and whether or not the dog has a history of vicious propensities, has it bitten other people and another thing that can be done is you can talk to the neighbors of where the dog owner lives and oftentimes find out very valuable information about the dog such as it chases all the kids in the neighborhood, it frequently runs a loose, the owner doesn’t walk it on a leash and things of that nature that may be helpful in your claim against the dog owner.

Dog Bite Owner Issues | Dog Owner Doesn’t Have Insurance

Sometimes when individuals come in to our office and we investigate a dog bite claim, we find out that the owner does not have any insurance and oftentimes a decision is made after an investigation of that individual’s assets, that it’s not practical, it’s no cost effective to prosecute a claim for a dog bite and in that case we advise the client that they really do not have a claim that’s cost effective to pursue in other words it would cost more money to pursue the claim than that individual can ever hope to recover particularly here in Florida where the state has through statute allowed protection for particularly home owners in terms of homestead exemptions and things of like that but that’s something that needs to be carefully investigated after a dog bite.

If you have any more questions or concerns about dog bite owner issues, please call our Tampa dog bite injury attorneys today for a free consultation.