Determining the At-Fault Party in a Bus Accident

Determining the At-Fault Party in a Bus AccidentUnless there is a blatant, speeding-through-a-red-light situation, determining the at-fault party in a bus accident can be difficult. That is why you need an experienced Tampa attorney to collect evidence, gather witness testimony and build a solid case that will result in you receiving full compensation for your injuries. Contact our office today.

Determining the At-Fault Party in a Bus Accident | Causes

There are many reasons why a bus accident may happen. Some of them include:

  • Over-tired driving
  • Drunk driving or Driving while abilities impaired
  • Under-trained drivers
  • Improperly maintained bus

Determining the At-Fault Party in a Bus Accident | Third-Party Claims

In the cases where there was a malfunction of the bus itself, you would be looking at bringing the claim against the manufacturing company as opposed to the bus driver. There may also be more than one person liable for your accident. If the malfunctioning bus was driven by a driver who was not properly trained, there may be two liable parties. If the bus and another driver shared fault for the accident, there would be two liable parties.

Determining the At-Fault Party in a Bus Accident | Collecting Evidence

All of this should be investigated at the scene. It will also be investigated by the insurance companies as well as your very own attorney. What you want to avoid is having the blame wrongfully placed on you. When the police show up, you should not for any reason admit fault. You may think that you caused the accident, but upon further investigation, it proves that you are not. But if you tell the police you caused the accident, the insurance company can and absolutely will use that against you to barre you from getting compensation.

Finding out who is at fault for the accident is essential to getting the compensation that you deserve. Regardless of whether you were a passenger on the bus, a pedestrian, or a driver of a vehicle that the bus hit, you need help from an experienced Tampa bus accident attorney to discover all liable parties.

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