Cruise Ship Injury

Cruise Ship Injury

The recent devastation that the powerful hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria waged on the Caribbean has piqued the interest of cruise line passengers, who have begun to wonder how they can protect themselves legally in case they are injured while at sea. In the video below, maritime law and personal injury attorney Dennis Morgenstern describes how those who sustain injuries while on a cruise can report their cruise ship injury.

The first step when suffering a cruise ship injury is to characterize the type of boat on which the accident happened. There are injuries that are suffered on ships run by commercial cruise lines, and in claims for injuries such as these, as part of the ticket that passengers obtain before boarding, there are provisions clearly set forth that determine how a claim must be filed. These provisions necessitate that an injured passenger give written notice of the injury within 180 days of the date of the injury, stating the nature of the accident and the treatment that was sought. If a claim cannot be settled amicably, the suit has to be filed in the city where the cruise line has its headquarters.

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