Complex Personal Injury Claims

Complex Personal Injury ClaimsMany personal injury lawsuits are pretty straightforward — a faulty handrail caused you to slip and fall, or a negligent driver rear-ended you while they were distracted. We also deal with more complex personal injury claims in which liability and potential compensation isn’t as easily determined. If you are wondering if you have a valid claim, contact our office to schedule a free consultation. We will aggressively fight to protect your rights and make sure you maximize your compensation. Let our experience work for you.

Complex Personal Injury Claims | Injured While Trespassing

If you are injured on a landowner’s property, the first requirement is that you be legally on the property. If you are trespassing, then you don’t have a claim because the landowner owes you no duty. He doesn’t expect you to be on his property. If you are trespassing, just like a burglar who comes into your house to rob you, if he’s injured in your house, he can’t sue you for that. You must be legally on the property in order to bring a claim against the landowner for a dangerous condition.

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Complex Personal Injury Claims | Independent Contractor

If there’s an independent contractor who’s working on a landowner’s property, there are only certain situations under which the landowner would be responsible for the negligent conduct of that independent contractor. If the landowner has an obligation to inspect or participates in the work that’s being provided by the independent contractor, or the landowner oversees the work that’s provided or is aware of the dangerous condition created by the independent contractor, under those circumstances, a landowner would be responsible for the conduct of the independent contractor. However, if a landowner retains or hires an independent contractor who creates a dangerous condition that injures another and that landowner is unaware of that condition, the landowner cannot be held responsible.

Complex Personal Injury Claims | Slip and Fall from Rain Water

Sometimes particularly in Florida, we have afternoon rains and there will be water that’s tracked in to let’s say a grocery store either by patrons walking into the store or by bringing carts into the store that have been out in the rain.  That’s something that the store and its employees are aware of and they should take all necessary means in order to safeguard their patrons by providing matts nd areas where those carts are stored. If you are injured by slipping on water from water tracked into a store or water coming off of a grocery cart that’s something you want to contact a premises liability lawyer to investigate and prosecute your claim.

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