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Choosing a TBI Attorney

Do you have questions about choosing a TBI attorney? Learn what qualities you should look for in an attorney in this video, then call our Tampa Bay lawyers.


How do I select the best traumatic brain injury attorney in Tampa Bay?


Choosing a TBI Attorney Here at Morgenstern & Herd we handle traumatic brain injury case, and when you’re selecting a traumatic brain injury lawyer, you want to make sure that you have a lawyer who has handled that type of case before. The reason for that is that traumatic brain injuries are very specialized. Sometimes, when a client sustains a head injury, they don’t always get sent to the right kind of doctors for evaluation, so the appropriate traumatic brain injury lawyers talk to their clients. Talk to their clients about what they’re feeling, how they’re progressing. You had a concussion. Did that resolve? What kind of symptoms are you still feeling? Are you having trouble focusing? Are you able to read again? In your job, when you’re sitting in front of the computer, do you get dizzy? What’s going on in your life? How are you doing? There are certain symptoms that your lawyer, if your doctors don’t realize them, should recognize. It may require the lawyer to talk to family members to see how you’re doing, but you want a lawyer who’s aware of that who can make sure that you get to the right providers, and if you have a primary care physician, for example, who has sent your loved one or you to a provider who’s just drumming up bills but you’re loved one or you are not getting better, that the lawyer steps in and gets you sent to somebody else who will get you cognitive therapy, neuropsychiatric evaluation. The kinds of providers who will not only evaluate your damagers but make sure that we get you the best care so that we can have as many components of the traumatic brain injury as possible resolve to get you back without sequelae to your normal state of good health. It is so important to choose the right traumatic brain injury attorney.

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