Child Injuries

Child Injuries

Though the school year has already entered its second month and hurricane season is more than halfway over, parents throughout Florida should nevertheless be prepared for any accident or event that can affect their children. School personnel work hard to prevent children from sustaining injuries, but incidents can still occur despite the best efforts of teachers, chaperones, principals, and drivers. To learn your child’s legal rights in the event of an accident that happens either on school grounds or school property, check out personal injury attorney Dennis Morgenstern’s advice on child injuries in the video below.

When your child is at school or a passenger on a school bus, your child is basically the responsibility of the school district. In Florida, school districts as well as municipalities have what they call sovereign immunity, and sovereign immunity has been waived up to a certain limit. For example, if there is an automobile accident, and the school district is deemed to be at fault, the limit that an individual can recover is $200,000 per person and $300,00 per accident. If the injuries are greater, the injured person can file what is known as a claims bill with the legislature in Tallahassee, but the chances of getting the claim still approved by the Florida legislature and paid are fairly remote. The same injuries apply for when your daughter or son is at school or on a school bus. In order to be successful in prosecuting such a claim, we need to prove that there was fault on the part of the school district or an agent, employee, or servant of the school district. Again, in these types of accidents, we need to find out the names of other individuals who were on the bus or in the area of the injury, take pictures, get medical attention, and see an attorney.

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