Can I Sue the Pharmacy? They Gave Me the Wrong Medicine.

Wrong PerscriptionQuestion:

I dropped off my antibiotic prescription to the Walgreen pharmacy and when I went to pick up, they gave me another persons medicine and I took one pill, and did not notice that the I received the wrong medicine. Then my blood sugar went low because of it and that GLIPIZIDE was for diabetic patient, I had to go to ER in an ambulance. The ER diagnosed me with hypoglycemia because of that medicine. When I started feeling my blood sugar going low that’s when I saw the medicine had the wrong name, and another doctors name and wrong medicine.


Certainly,  it was below the standard of care to give you the wrong medicine.  I am willing to bet that if you do not have insurance – the pharmacy will pay for your medical expenses.  However, in order to bring a claim you will need permanent physical damage.  Otherwise, you will spend more money on medical experts than you can recover.  It is certainly our hope that you fully recover, however, if you do not and you suffered from some permanent damages. Please contact a medical negligence lawyer in Tampa, FL. 

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