Business Owner Denying Responsibility for an Assault

Business Owner Denying Responsibility for an AssaultUnfortunately, we have seen many cases with a business owner denying responsibility for an assault that occurred on their property. The experienced Tampa Bay personal injury attorneys at Morgenstern & Herd are ready to protect your rights if you are facing a similar situation. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation and discuss your negligent security case.

Business Owner Denying Responsibility for an Assault | Negligent Security

If a business is located in an area with a high crime-rate—and usually this will be common knowledge—then the property owner has a duty of care to protect the patrons who visit their premises. Most often, this occurs at grocery stores or gas stations in which their parking lots are susceptible to assault and robbery. Businesses that fall into this category are often required to employ security guards.

When someone is assaulted on the property, that defendant may be eligible to file a negligent security injury claim. Two ways they can go about this and prove liability: if the business is required to employ a security guard but doesn’t, or if the security guard on duty was negligent in protecting/preventing an attack.

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Business Owner Denying Responsibility for an Assault | What to Do

Oftentimes after an attack at a business, the individuals that are in charge of managing the property will contend that the attack was not foreseeable or unexpected. One of the things that’s very important is to look at police blotters and grids to basically see how much crime there is in that area, specifically at that business.  That crime grid information will place the owner of the business and the management team on notice that this is an area where there is crime and they should have more security.  The fact that they did not have adequate security may result in you having a claim against the business or the apartment complex for the attack and your injuries.

Business Owner Denying Responsibility for an Assault | Contact Our Office

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